Barry Weiss

The Reason Behind The Success Of Barry Weiss…

Barry Weiss a normal businessman who made a big fortune in the export import business is today a celebrity! His success story has been truly a miracle.

After retiring from the well grown business that he ran with his brother, he took off so that he could do stuff and tings that he enjoyed. Barry Weiss is an antique collector and admits to going in the auction since an age of 15 years of age.

His friend and the creator of the hit TV show “Storage Wars” one day casually over a couple of drinks asked Barry if he would like to join the show. Barry who is a passionate man agreed to the offer and is in today’s time the most well-known face of the hit TV series.

Barry Weiss is often seen spicing up things and atmosphere on the show with his eccentric ways. Barry has a way with antique things and once won a bet of $10k that he made with his fellow competitor Dave Hester.

But he lost the bet in another chance to Meira over a jewelry collection that had pieces from Mazer and Weiss, since then he is seen obsessed with Meira. Now and then we see Barry Weiss carrying out stunts that are both hilarious to us and annoying to his fellow contestants.

mazer and weiss

He does this all for fun, the sole reason for which he came on the show. Barry Weiss once brought psychics to help him with the contents of the locker.

In another instance he attached cameras to the helicopters for checking the contents of the storage lockers. There are a string of tricks that he employs to keep him alive in the competition.

Even though he says that he is on the show for fun and not for making money but still we see anger in his attitude whenever he loses money at an auction. Barry Weiss says that he prefers keeping things that he finds in the locker only if they are cool.

Otherwise he either sells off the stuff or gives them away in charity. Barry Weiss has a good amount of money with him that is reportedly around $8 million.

He is a very intense person and is a total car crazy guy. He loves collecting models and often we see him driving his one or the other proud collection of his cars and bikes on the show ‘Storage wars’.

Some of his cars are even used in the music videos. This man even in his 60s has a style of his own.

barry weiss cars

The way he carries himself is commendable. The shirts, the goggles or be it his skeletal gloves, all are popular and known far and wide by people because he endorses them in his own style.

Barry Weiss lives in Los Angeles in the neighborhood of the likes of the celebrity Natalie Portman. He also has many properties.

‘NORTHERN PRODUCE’ the company that Barry Weiss had with his brother is still operating and is run by his brother.

Barry Weiss as a pre – ‘Storage wars’ celebrity

Barry Weiss is known as the eccentric collector of A&E’s hit reality show ‘Storage Wars’. He is the star of the show, viewers tune in every episode to indulge in his crazy antics and at times bizarre behavior.

But there’s more to Barry than meets the eye. A peek at pre- Storage Wars Barry Weiss reveals that he has always been a fanatical antique collector.

Armed with an inherent eccentricity, Barry has forever adorned the hat of a ‘The Spoiled Rotten Rich Kid’. Born to a traditional Jewish family in Los Angeles, Barry inherited the passion for amassing antiques from his father.

While other kids his age were jamming to popular music, he had managed to accomplish owning an antique store. His curio collection boasts of items gathered from numerous auctions and sales.

Including his tactfully acquired storage lockers, some of his personal collections date back to as far as 100 years. Rumors have it that he owns some of the wackiest toys, from the famous 1955 Ford Beatnik Custom to a somber and infamous WW1 Holocaust cap.

Owning an antique business provided Barry ample opportunities to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. But staying true to his risk-loving nature, Barry decided to take the road less-traveled to make his fortune.

barry weiss

He along with his brother started a wholesale business. He diligently pursued selling fruits and vegetable for nearly thirty years.

A natural entrepreneur, Barry excelled in this line as well, which helped him earn quite a fortune, before he settled on retiring four years ago. One particularly interesting episode of ‘Storage Wars’ featured an assemblage of antiques from the 80’s.

While Barry was expressing his major interest in the items, the producer brought forth the image of a young Barry Weiss on screen. The audiences were stunned to see that a red haired young Barry was as much of a rock star as he is in the present days.

Apparently, Barry Weiss used to be a long haired ladies man, before he decided to settle for good. Although his marriage eventually ended in divorce, he has two kids whom he greatly adores.

His recent stint in the aforementioned television series has garnered substantial interest and he is being ushered with proposals from woman of all ages. One of the lesser known facts about Barry Weiss is that he loves traveling.

After retirement, he went around spending his fortune on traveling the world before the opportunity to appear on ‘Storage Wars’ knocked his doors. The 61 year old Los Angeles native also loves frequenting the Casinos.


The colorful life that Barry Weiss has spent so far is perhaps, best manifested in his charming persona and humorous nature. Unlike the attention seeking and prima donna personality that defines most new celebrities, Barry has an easy air about him.

He particularly never turns away anyone asking for an autograph. He was quiet a bit of a celebrity even before his appearance on ‘Storage Wars’ but that did not keep him from being the regular and eccentric guy that he is.

Barry Weiss was always a celebrity at heart and now that he is out of ‘ Storage Wars’ , he is slated to appear in a spin-off show. Fans expect to see more of him and Barry promises not to disappoint.

Barry Weiss – The Collector

Barry Weiss has become popular as “the Collector” on A & E’s reality TV series “Storage Wars”. The unconventional American started his career in import and export wholesale produce business of fruits and vegetables with his brother Joey Weiss.

Being in the business for a long time, he and his brother made a fortune. Barry has always nurtured an active interest in collecting antiques and memorabilia.

With his net worth rumored to be close to $ 9 million, owning antiques is a cakewalk for him. By his own admission, he keeps the item only till he enjoys it.

Once he gets bored of a collectible, he gives it away.  So how did Barry Weiss, the businessman, become a reality TV star?

Barry says his intriguing fancy for exotic and antiques brought him in touch with people from diverse backgrounds, showbiz included. One such friend he made turned out to be the Executive Producer of the show “Storage Wars”, Thom Beers.

Being in the know of Weiss’s eccentricity, Beers very correctly envisioned that ratings of the show would hike once Weiss becomes a part of it. And so it happened that one evening over dinner, Beers threw his ideas at Barry and the latter gave in sensing a chance to enhance his collection of antiques.

Once Barry entered the show, the ratings mounted. His bizarre appearances, with his trademark glasses, a skeleton like glove earned the admiration of many a woman.

His most talked about “accessory” that he frequented was the 1947 Custom Cowboy Cadillac, on which on arrived on the shooting venue. This all combined increased the interest of the public to know more about this guy, who dint seem to be in the show for the money but rather for pure enjoyment.

This is how Barry became a brand in himself. Though the show has ended and all contestants are back to their lives, Barry, who is in his 60s now, is active as ever in collecting things he likes.

His antics on the show were amusing and still reminisced. He once brought a little helicopter fitted with camera to know what was inside the storage container.

At other times, to his co-contestants envy, he brought psychic, a little guy on stilts, and a x-ray fitted glasses to bid his money’s worth on the collectibles. He devised strategies to distract the other buyers.

His uber cool attitude and determination to stay young at heart can easily be discerned from a viewing of an episode of the show. Needless to say, he has earned quite a fan following.

Viewers admit to primarily watching the show for the peculiar and fund Barry Weiss. At one point, this series was A & E’s most successful show in its history.

Barry Weiss had a big role to play in it. Who would have thought a discarded storage division across Southern California had so much potential to entertain?

Latest reports suggest that Barry Weiss intends to start his own show for helping impoverished families make some money.

Barry Weiss and The Part He Plays on Storage Wars

Most people who have watched the popular American show ‘Storage Wars’ on A&E network would know exactly who Barry Weiss is. This man has gained immense popularity within a very short phase of time with his curious antics, on the above mentioned show.

For those who are not too sure of the concept of ‘Storage wars’, let us explain the same. In the American state of California, if a person does not clear the rent of his personal storage locker for three consecutive months, the contents of the locker are auctioned off.

This is what the show ‘Storage Wars’ is all about. There is a couple, Laura and Dan Dotson, who are in charge of the auctioneering.

The show also has some fixed customers or people who take part in the auction, in order to purchase the goods. Barry Weiss is one of these people who take part in the auction.

One must be thinking where the catch is, in the concept of the show. Well, the rule is that the bidders only get a brief look into the contents of the locker and that too, only through the open door of the locker itself.

Judging by what they can see in that brief stretch of time, they have to fix the price for which they wish to purchase it. Now, where does Barry Weiss fit into the picture? To understand this, we would have to name the major bidders or buyers on this particular show.

This would include Dave Hester who has been removed from the show in the December of 2012, Darrell Sheets, Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante and Barry Weiss. Needless to say, several other bidders have been featured on the show, but the above mentioned people are the main players.

Now, the question is, why does Barry Weiss stand out from the rest of these people? Barry Weiss, nicknamed ‘The Collector’ on the show, has often confessed to being different from everyone else on the show. Most of the others on ‘Storage Wars’ are part of the show, because of the business that comes with it.

Particular members have claimed to find valuables like paintings made by Pablo Picasso, letters written by the late President Abraham Lincoln and so on, in the lockers that they have purchased onthe show. So, one can easily guess that there is big money involved in the process.

This is the point that attracts people to be part of this extremely famous venture. But, Barry Weiss has often claimed that the money is not the reason for his being part of the show.

People who follow the show and the man himself would know that he is a passionate collector of antique goods and similar other collectibles. This is supposedly the reason that he is part of ‘Storage Wars’.

There is a good chance of coming across some great collectible objects in the lockers that one can purchase or bid on. This is the reason why, Barry Weiss says, he is a part of the show and a regular bidder on it.

Apart from this unique approach to the show, his antique cars, unique dressing and laidback, fun attitude on the show has made him a household name. This is in short, the part Barry Weiss plays on storage wars.

Barry Weiss: The Avid Collector of Antiques

Barry Weiss, also known as the collector, has made quite a name for himself in recent years. As an avid collector of antiques, Barry has been attending auctions since he was just 15 years of age.

Barry had little experience in the world of storage unit auctions until the producers over at A&E invited him to join the cast for their show: Storage Wars. Since the release of the series in 2010 Barry has become known as a regular television personality.

With his lavish spending, “anything goes” tactics and genuinely lovable and quirky personality, Barry Weiss has won the adoration of television audiences across America. Before his TV stardom, Barry and Brother Joey made their fortune in agriculture.

Thriving in the business of importing and exporting exotic produce, Barry and his brother eventually went on to form their own company: Northern Produce-Mushroom Inc. Located in Commerce California, Northern Produce is still in business today with Joey Weiss as CEO.

After a successful 25 year run, amassing a net worth of over 7 million dollars in the produce business, Barry finally decided it was time to retire. After traveling the world for a while, Barry decided to return to California and to start work on expanding his collection of rare and valuable antiques.

Rare Antiques
In the series: Storage Wars, Barry The Collector is known for the huge sums of money he spends on lockers that other bidders might not give a second glance. With seemingly limitless funds Barry is able to outbid most of the competition and purchase any locker he feels may be hiding a rare item for his collection.

Unfortunately using this high risk, High reward strategy has its pitfalls. Often times Barry will place huge bids with the hopes of scoring big, only to end up thousands of dollars in the hole with nothing to show for it.

And when money simply is not enough to get the lockers he wants, Barry will revert to some pretty whacky tactics in order to psych out the competition. He has used disguises, whacky gadgets and even gone as far as hiring the help of his friends to help fool the competition and gain the upper hand.

Apart from his far out tactics and deep pockets, Barry Weiss is also known for his extensive collection of rare automobiles. One of which is his red International flatbed truck.

This vehicle has made multiple appearances on the show and is one of Barry’s daily drivers. Other vehicles of Barry’s include his old school panel wagon, Yellow hot rod, and his beloved Cowboy Cadillac.

yellow hot rod

But without a doubt the most recognizable vehicle, that Barry Weiss has pulled up to the auctions in, has to be the two story custom Deco liner. This mammoth two story bus looks more like a submarine than a car and can actually be driven from the upper deck.

At the age of 60 Barry Weiss is not in the storage auction game for the money, as he usually keeps any valuable items he finds. Instead Barry will continue to turn heads with his repertoire of outlandish tactics, his witty one-liners and his cool, stylish demeanor, as he looks to expand his vast antique collection.